Steve Down: Poverty alleviation in pastoralists communities affected by climate change has to be the work of for-profit companies.

Yesterday, I was watching a documentary on one of Kenya’s biggest television stations. In a country where multinationals are setting up camp, you would imagine that the entire population has access to basic needs. Just about 700 Kilometers from Nairobi, children are starving to death. Lands are fast drying up and pastoralists communities are looking at the worst ever dry spells.

The documentary on starvation in Marsabit Kenya.

Children are eating the raw roots of tubers growing in swamps. Mothers are sending their young children to labor beside the lake bordering Ethiopia and Kenya. What breaks my heart is how capitalism is brutal even to its people. Companies and people are making profits while comfortably watching populations starve to near death.

In the documentary, children are filleting fish yet they have slept hungry for days. Their reward for their labor? They get to carry home fish bones to boil and share with their families.

How did we get here as a people?

Embrace Cause capitalism for sustainability.

The impact of climate change on communities solely dependent on agriculture is unbearable. While my foundation gives goats to these communities, we must think of a solution to protect these people. Otherwise, I am foreseeing a population that is going back to full donor reliance.

We cannot sit back and watch countries that are slowly achieving economic inclusion plunge back to misery. An ingenious population is deserving of intersectional inclusion.

Capitalism hardly addresses equality of any kind. Instead, it rewards heavily people who know how to use the system in their favor. This economic model is broken. It cannot go into the universe we are building. We cannot welcome capitalism at the expense of humanity. What should be favorable for nations and their people is Cause Capitalism.

For-Profit and Non-profit partnerships.

Do not get me wrong; people have to work to benefit from their sweat. Even the holiest book supports this.

But let us be mindful of the hardworking people who have limited to no opportunities. How do you welcome them to contribute to nation-building if they have no resources?

The only ‘mistake ‘they have committed is zero access.

Cause Capitalism is when a non-profit company chooses as its partner, a non-profit, not as a gimmick but as a true sustainable partner. It is the new world order in doing business. Economies built through Cause capitalism operate on the principle of “service to all.”

If the companies filleting fish in the documentary set aside fish to feed these needy people, we would not have a population living by the lake but not benefitting from it. Or why not empower these people to fish and transport the produce across regions? I have so many questions on why skill has to be sourced out of regions supposed to benefit from their economic activities?

For-profits should partner with non-profit organizations to enhance the livelihoods of communities. That is how stable economies are built!



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Steve Down

Steve Down

Founder and CEO Financially Fit LLC, Personal wealth coach, Entrepreneur, and Founder of Cause capitalism and The Goat Foundation