Steve Down: Financial Anxiety is the worst form of Anxiety.

As a visionary, I really struggle with not having everything figured out. I cannot lie about the number of times in life when I have developed financial anxiety. The future often seems bleak. I was once so sunk in debt I’d wake up to my wife Colleen’s morning stares, her eyes searching for answers. I was in a bad place and I learned the full extent of how debt can be demoralizing and depressing. Bad debt can really push you to very dark places.

Financial anxiety is the opposite of financial peace of mind and freedom. It is synonymous with misery, agony, gloom, regret, and burden. The thought of where your next source of income will come is enough to keep you awake. I have been there, no amount of reassurance helps. But, life gets better; trust me.

What is Financial Anxiety?

Financial anxiety manifests when people have excessive and persistent worry about their finances. The thought of losing everything scares you. People who experience this are constantly worried about bills. Sometimes even afraid of looking at their bank balance. Extreme cases of these can lead to a loss of appetite, insomnia, and feeling overwhelmed.

People raised in backgrounds of hardship manifest this a lot. Watching their parents struggle to make ends meet puts them in survival mode. A shift in account balance depresses them. They will ensure the amount is replaced immediately as money offers them security.

It is only when one is in deep debt that they realize how mental health pegs on financial health. Carrying a debt load is similar to running a marathon with extra pounds around your waist.

Signs and symptoms of Financial Anxiety.

  • Overspending: Shopping therapy when stressed only means that you are hiding behind splurging. People who often feel overwhelmed burry themselves in treats and overspending.
  • Obsessive money thoughts: Constantly questioning how bills will be paid or where money will come from?
  • Fear of spending: Getting defensive when people ask for money. Breadwinners become very cold and abusive at times.
  • Sleeping in and Isolating self: People prefer to distance themselves or prefer to sleep a lot.

Overcoming Financial Anxiety.

1. Accept there is a need to fix a problem (Financial Anxiety.)

Acknowledging the existence of a problem is half solving it. Recognizing while actively looking for a solution is the second step. Sleeping in, crying, or harbouring depressive thoughts will only limit you.

Find a trustable friend to share your feelings with. The best option would actually be an accountability partner.

Anytime you fall off the radar, find someone to talk to.

2. Bear the consequences of your actions.

Escaping your problems only for a while through shopping, alcohol, or other forms of entertainment hardly helps. It only means that you are spending more money.

Accept the need to change. Acknowledge and feel the emotions that come with this.

Do not be too hard on yourself but in order to move past something, feeling it is very important.

3. Financial Anxiety can be self-treated.

Anxiety is self-treated by relaxation exercises. A healthy diet, regular sleep, and joining a support group are equally advised.

This also applies to one’s financial health.

Change the way you think, feel, and act about money. Work on your financial mistakes by letting wealth coaches help you through this.

4. Financial Anxiety is solved by adopting new money habits.

Probably you grew up in scarcity or abundance. This has probably shaped your thinking and it is okay. But people cannot live with the beliefs that shaped their perspective. Unlearning is the only way to beat financial anxiety.

Financially Fit can help you achieve financial freedom.

5. Get yourself the right wealth coach to help in dealing with Financial Anxiety.

Wealth coaches will help you change your money perspective. Investing in the right one will guide your cash flow. The first step to not worrying about your finances is by taking financial responsibility and walking with an experienced professional holding your hand.



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Steve Down

Steve Down

Founder and CEO Financially Fit LLC, Personal wealth coach, Entrepreneur, and Founder of Cause capitalism and The Goat Foundation